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Hello again! In my first post, I spoke about allowing ourselves to be imperfect, because we all are. The problem is, I strive for perfection! It’s a self-defeating goal, because there is no such thing.

My goal with this website is to blog once a week. I started my blog before Thanksgiving, 2019, and here it is mid December, and I’m just writing one! As we all know, life gets in the way despite our best efforts. We get side tracked, forgetful, over-scheduled, stressed out! For me, I thought about my next blog topic obsessively, but had writers blog. I was not inspired by anything and felt that anything I wrote would be forced and “fake”. At the time of writing this blog, I just got fed up with myself for not living up to my expectations and not having any new content to share.

Sometimes, frustration and feeling stuck is the catalyst we need to inspire and get moving again! I urge you to reflect on areas of your life where you feel stuck or frustrated and see what is keeping you from moving forward.

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The Magic of Music

Have you ever listened to a song and it gave you goosebumps? Has a song ever made you cry or made you angry? Chances are, one of these has happened to you at least once in your life. Think about people at the gym or before a game listening to “Eye of the Tiger” to get...

Healing with Humor

We've all heard the term, "laughter is the best medicine", but is there any truth to that? There have been several studies on the subject, and most show that there does appear to be a positive correlation between laughter and mental health. In one article written by...

Perfectly Imperfect

Welcome to my blog! Before I go into the title of this post, I want to introduce myself. My name is Annie Schmidt and I am a mental health practitioner in Omaha, Nebraska. In my practice, I help individuals cope with anxiety, loss, depression and many other issues. I...


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